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How to Make Money Online and Get Rich with Donation Blogs Without Spending Another Penny

Wake Up! The Secrets You Absolutely Must Know if You Want to Get Rich in Today's Saturated and Competitive Online World
Are you making any money Online? If so, how much money are you actually making? A dollar a day? Ten dollars a day? One hundred dollars a day? Or perhaps you're actually losing money, like most people, simply by trying to make a buck...?

It's no secret that just about everyone is trying to make money Online these days, but very, very few are successful at it. It's like going to the casino, everyone has these great expectations of hitting the jackpot  and getting rich, but at the end of the day, they leave the casino with their pockets empty and their hopes dashed. The bottom line is that they walk away with less money than what they started with.

However, there's always one high roller in the casino who just seems to be a money-making magnet! Everyone watches in amazement while this guy just can't stop winning! You know the person I'm talking about, we've all seen him before and secretly wanted to be him...

Well, the same is true with making money Online: There's always one guy who's making a fortune - everything he does translates into cold, hard cash - but for every guy like him, there's tens-of-thousands of others who are spending plenty of cash and endless hours of time, trying to get rich, but they're not making money - Not a penny...

I can't tell you how many people I know who have put a small fortune into getting stuff to sell on eBay, without making a dime of profit. I know people who have dumped thousands into creating websites and online stores without making a wooden nickel. I know people with garages full of books they purchased and collected when it was easy to make a killing selling used books on Amazon. Books that at one time were worth over a hundred dollars, which are now selling for pennies.
That's right, for PENNIES.
Legally and WITHOUT Cyber Begging!
What an old vending machine veteran taught me about "Chump Change" and how it can make you rich
Where to get endless ideas for Money Blogs that can become virtual Money Machines for your Get Rich Goals
How to ensure your existing Money Blogs continue to generate steady profits, day-after-day and night-after-night
How to drive donation traffic to your blogs and websites - The keys to making Smart Money and Easy Profits
How to exploit the Three Taboos of Professional Conduct to help you get rich with donations (Oh Boy!)
How to properly set-up and embed money-magnet donation buttons and donation banners on your website or blog
Who Says the "Good Old Days" of Making Easy Money on the Internet are Long Gone?
Here's a little secret: MAKING MONEY IS FUN! But, unless you have experienced the thrill and nirvana of raking in the cash, you're likely to feel like most people do; and that is that making money is hard work, tedious, boring, and just unrewarding...

But, that's not how it really is. I promise you, once you start turning
"Throw-Away Quarters," or "You can't buy much for Fifty Cents, these days" or "It's only a Dollar" Donations into Thousands of dollars, you'll probably be happier than you have ever been in your life! The reason for this phenomena is that earning money, as an individual, instills a sense of pride and self-confidence in you! This increased self-worth and self-value immediately spills over into every other aspect of your life... And, then, before you know it, you're a High Roller in the Real Game of Life. In other words, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR LIFE, YOU BEGIN TO ACTUALLY START LIVING! Opportunities open up to you that you never knew existed, all of a sudden you become a magnet for beautiful people, and you get the most important thing that everyone truly craves and desires from the very bottom of their souls (though, most people don't even know it!)... And that is FREEDOM...

And Freedom, as they say, isn't free. That's right.

You see, with "FREEDOM," you can eat whatever you want, purchase whatever you want, vacation wherever you want, financially help whoever you want out, drive anything you could possibly want to drive, and live how and wherever you want. In these dark economic times, the people with Smart Money aren't worried about riots, the collapse of the dollar, or who's running for president. The reason they don't worry about such things is because they know they can pack up and leave and relocate to any place they desire -
WHENEVER THEY WANT AND FOR WHATEVER REASON THEY WANT! Because they truly have the only real form of FREEDOM in the world, and that is MONEY - SMART MONEY.
Learn what other services you can use for donations, other than Paypal to Bring in Cash through Donations
How you can easily set everything up, and start getting rich, without spending another dime doing it
Learn when you should or should not print donor's names or how much money you've collected with your Money Blogs
How to use buyer psychology to "Make up the Minds" of your traffic to get them to donate more money to you
Ingenious methods on how to "hook" Men and Women to get the cash rolling in and the profits soaring
The two secret Keywords that will get women's attention, more than anything else, and something that professional advertisers don't want you to know about making money with women
And, AS A BONUS, Over 100 donation templates, images, and graphics that allow you to get started immediately and to give you the materials you need to make your own unique and money making donation buttons...
There's even more material to share with you to help you get the Real Freedom You Crave, Need, and Deserve:
That's Right! For a Limited Time, I will include with all orders, over 100 templates, images, and graphics that you can start using immediately for your Money Blogs; or, if you prefer, you can alter them as you like, and even create your own with the files provided. Quickly and Easily! These are Proven Money Makers that will send your donations to the moon!

A Small Sample of the Included Donation Banners that GET PROVEN MONEY MAKING RESULTS!
This information is amazing!

"This ebook lives up to it's promises when so many don't. It's like that ocamms razor thing, that the simplest solutions are the one's that really work. Duh. And this is so simple but you have to know how to work it properly. Who'd have thought I could make a living with this? It's crazy. When I see plain donation buttons on other sites I just laugh because they're throwing money away and don't know it!! To think that people actually WANT to donate is something so simple I never figured it out. All you have to do is ask them properly and they will."

Brenda G., Texas
Act Now, Because the "
Good Old Days
" of Making Easy Money with the Internet Are Back Again (but Not For Long!)! Don't be Kicking Yourself, Years From Now, Realizing that You Missed Out on this Money Making Opportunity, Especially Since You Had Your Chance and Knew Better! You Snooze You Lose.
The days of getting rich off of Adwords, eBay, Amazon, or Affiliate Sales are long dead and gone. C'mon, let's face reality. These methods are just money-making dinosaurs of the past - they're extinct ways of getting rich. But, there's no denying that if you got in at the start, and knew what you were doing, you could have easily made a killing, like so many of us did, back in the day.

The reason these methods don't work any longer, and forget what the "marketers" are trying to tell you and sell you, is that the Online world is totally saturated with people looking to make a buck with these methods. The competition, with these outdated ways of making an Online buck, are just too fierce. It's basic economics - Supply and Demand. When you have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, promoting the same product or service, the bottom falls out of that particular marketplace -
Especially for the Little Guy, who's doing all the promoting, so that the Big Boys can get richer. In the end, the Little Guy (you and me) gets nothing, but the Sites and services the little guy is busting his backside to promote, are still walking away with wheel-barrows full of cash. In some cases, in the billions of dollars. They get rich, off of your hard work, while you get zilch. Those are the facts and they suck.

But it wasn't like that in the beginning... I do remember when you could make a killing off of Adwords, or sell a thousand dollars worth of "How To" books, as an affiliate, in two weeks; I know what it's like to sell useless junk on eBay and just be totally freaked out as to how fast the money was pouring in...

But times have changed and if you want to make money you better wake up!

You know it and I know it. It's not that the "
Good Old Days" are gone, you just have to know what it takes to put those "Good Old Days" to work for YOUR OWN PROFITS - RIGHT NOW! The fact is, if you want to get rich on the Internet, today, you have to go about it in a FRESH and NEW way. A unique and brilliant method which isn't COMPLETELY SATURATED, YET. So, as you can imagine, time is of the essence. Stay with me, and I'll show you how you, too, can get in on this cash-flow gravy train.
Stop Trying to Get Rich Online Using Outdated Methods That are Ancient History - Get Smart and Start Using Money Making Methods that WILL MAKE YOU RICH!
Let Me Also Share These Millionaire DONATION Tips and Secrets With You, too:
"I sometimes spend hours just refreshing my Paypal account, just to see how much more money has been donated! I feel like a kid again! This is like the fountain of youth!"

T. Palmer, Florida
To think I was afraid of using donations on my blogs:

"I read this book and went to work on my five blogs and one website. There was a donation button on my website but it never brought in anything, and I'll be honest, I felt uncomfortable about having it there. After about three weeks, when I put the right buttons on all of my sites, I made $112.00, just to start. Wow, I never thought people really would donate. I was wrong. People want to donate, if you know how to ask them. This book showed me how to do it. I'm so excited about this, well I just don't know what to think. Thank you!"

Norman Eugenes
So, How Do You Get Rich Online these days?The key to making Smart Money on the Internet is, well, that's just it! You have to work Smarter, not Harder. Working Smarter means using proven techniques that Will Make Money, techniques that haven't been beaten to death, as well as not laying out and gambling away with thousands of dollars of your own cash, in order to GET RICH, while all the Big Boys get richer.

The process is very simple: Use any type of webpage, site, or blog you desire. Then, I will show you, completely legally and without cyber begging, how you can turn this concept into a money-making machine...  Making Money couldn't possibly be easier!

Look at this Millionaire Model:
I give you the Top 21 types of Making-Money "Appeals" and share with you the "get rich" secrets of choosing the right ones for your sites for super profits
How a "mistake" on one site brought in $80.00 in profits in one month, and how you can make the same "mistake," too, and start making serious money
How you can make Hundreds a Month, Even Thousands a Month with just QUARTERS, using my Magic Quarter Trick (This will blow your mind!)
How do you get rich Online with Money Blogs? I show you and explain why most Donation Buttons will never make a dime
How knowing a little secret about men, who surf the Internet on the weekends, can help you get rich with donations, and how to target these men
Learn the secrets of what type of people are most likely to make donations and how to properly target them
How to properly create quick and easy "Money Blogs" that will get the cash pouring in to help you get rich
An old-school sales technique that will increase your donations and profits whenever you want
How to easily and step-by-step set up your free Money Blogs in no time at all - These are not Give Me Money Sites or Cyber begging Sites!
How to design creative and eye-catching Donation Buttons to turn your blog or site into a Cash Machine
How Do YOU Get Rich with Donation Blogs...?

Easy! Just Follow My Time-Proven and Easy-to-Follow Guidelines to Turn Your Blogs and Websites Into Literal Money-Making Machines.
1. Create New Blogs/Sites for FREE or Utilize Your Existing Sites...
2. Utilize My Methods of Easily Creating Money-Making Content...
3. Utilize My Knowledge and Experience on How to Create Donation Buttons THAT BRING IN THE CASH...
4. Sit Back, Relax, and Watch the Donations Flow In, While You Get Massive Profits!
cyber begging
I Strongly Recommend This Book

"I strongly recommend this book for people who lost out on all the other big opportunities to make money on the internet. The thing is that if you hustle with this material, there is no end to the money you can make. If you've been searching for that missing puzzle piece to jumpstart your personal wealth, this book may just be the answer you've been dreaming of."

Paul Thewlis
I Feel Like a Stripper in a Strip Club

"When the lads and I used to go out to the strip clubs, I was amazed at how my mates would give all this money to the girls, without even "having a go," if you know what I mean. They'd give away all this money just for being shown a bit of totty. This is the same thing, but without the naked ravers, and instead, I'M THE ONE GETTING THE MONEY. This is Bloody Brilliant and I don't even have to take my clothes off."

Robson Russell, UK
How Do You Get Rich With Donation Blogs is an ebook in the pdf format. This format can be easily viewed with the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader (for Mac or Windows). Orders are exclusively handled Safely and Securely by Paydotcom and Paypal. You do not need a Paydotcom or Paypal account to order your copy. Once your order has been approved, you will be taken to your final Paypal Page. You will see a button like this:

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There is a 60-day, full money-back guarantee through Paydotcom and Paypal, so the small investment you make in this book is 100% RISK FREE.


Alexander "Lucky" Hamilton
P. S. - Haven't you placed your order yet?

I understand... As it's smart to be skeptical these days. Trust me, I am, too. However, remember that there is a 60-day refund, so with even such a small investment like this, you have nothing to lose.

Also, don't forget that if you continue to do the same things that you've been doing, then your life will remain the same as it is. For some people, that's their "comfort" zone; for other people, they want to break free of such shackles and start living life as it was meant to be -- A life filled with Abundance.

For those who want to truly experience life, with money, freedom, and abundance in all of its beautiful forms, then I suggest you do something for yourself for a change; and trust me,
that's not being selfish. There are many opportunities to improve our lot in life, this book is just one of them. If you truly desire to increase your financial future, then take the initiative and do it now. No one else is going to do it for you.

Godspeed in Your Abundant Financial Future!
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